Ripped directly from BluRay, encoded through Handbrake. H.265 1080p, framerate set same as source.
This rip uses the .mkv file format, with all CRWBY commentaries contained on separate audio tracks. You WILL need a video player that can play .mkvs.
Support the original creators please.


Q: Why are all these files not in mp4 format? I can't play them?
A: MKV offers the excellent advantage of being able to select audio tracks and subtitle tracks, while MP4 does not. For these files, you need to be able to select audio tracks to switch between crew/cast/whatever commentary version and original dub. Download VLC, MPV, or any media player that supports MKV. Otherwise, you will NOT be able to watch the crew commentaries. No exceptions.

Q: Why are these in movie format and not episodic format like your other releases?
A: That's how it came out when I ripped it. Normally, the BluRays have an episodic format version and a movie format version, but the Japanese release ONLY has movie format. Cutting it up into their original episodes would take way too much time and effort, and are generally not worth it.

Q: Where are these files/subtitles sourced from?
A: They are ripped directly from the Japanese "First" Limited Edition BluRays. English subtitles for releases V5, 6, and 7, are ripped from the English BluRays, since English subtitles are not included on those Japanese releases. The subtitles then have to be scanned over via OCR, which can result in errors. Please contact me at czarchasm#4106 on Discord if there are any issues.

Q: What tools did you use?

Q: Can you provide raws, scans, extras, etc?
A: Contact me on Discord and we will talk about what I can do for you.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: czarchasm#4106 or you can put an issue on the Github page.