Frequently Asked Questions

last /co/ general?


what day do new episodes come out?

currently, since Rooster Teeth is dead, RWBY is up in the air. no new episodes, possibly ever.

should i watch the show?

the show isn't good. it can be very bad, but sometimes it can really shine. most of the time it's just meh.
just so you're aware though, the RWBY community in general sucks. there are some people who are really awesome, but for the most part it's not worth spending time in the community.
just binge it a little, and if you start disliking it, just stop. do what is fun

how can i request something to be added to the links page or website?

use the github repository and submit an issue or contact me via discord (blakeplusplus). you can also make a post in the thread requesting; just make sure your post contains the phrase "rwbyg pastebin". i don't have as much time anymore to keep up with the threads and this phrase makes it easy for me to search archives

why can't i read these comics? what's a .cbr/.cbz file?

cbr and cbz files are a comic book format file specifically for...comic books. works really well. you need an image viewer that can browse these. i personally use nomacs

how do i make my own webms/gifs of RWBY?

I use mpv, a free open-source media player and a webm converter plugin for mpv to easily make webms out of downloaded RWBY episodes. If you are masochistic/love a good command line, you can use ffmpeg. You can also use WebMConverter if you don't like command line. For gifs only, you can use GLQ's GIFmaker to pull from any episode publicly available.
If any of this is too difficult for you, just request something in the thread.

how can i help the general?

you can donate to me to offset the cost of buying all these blurays
other than that u can ask the general

who uploads the stuff to the MEGA links?

random people pretty much

why is rwby the only general allowed on /co/?

mods said so.

why does /rwbyg/ go to /trash/ every year during hiatus?

tl;dr some asshole that hated people doing greentext stories in RWBY /co/ threads focused his powers to spam other threads and get rwbyg banned off of /co/ during hiatus

why does this website exist?

the original pastebin was lacking in newer content, and if you wanted to add anything, you had to go into a discord server and ask. the pastebin owner rarely visits the threads so any requests had to be directly to him, and iirc, he's refused to add content before. i decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own collection of links using my wildly mediocre html/css skills (and attempt to improve them along the way).

who are you?

Trip: !RWBYg/G91E