Frequently Asked Questions

last /co/ general?


what day do new episodes come out?

every saturday. but we're in /trash/, so no new episodes for a while.

should i watch the show?

that's a complicated question.

i personally would say it depends on what you're here for. there's quite a few reasons to watch rwby, but here's some fundamentals to understand:

good writing, worldbuilding, and general consistency is not rwby's strong suit. narratives that sound great on paper end up falling flat due to various reasons, but other ideas and narratives can be sudden strokes of genius that make slogging through some bits worth it. the show also tells too much instead of showing/demonstrating.

powerlevelfags go away. quite often, characters will win because the plot and characters demands them to. eddy rivas, the script supervisor for RWBY, has agreed with the idea that fiction is not a logic puzzle to be solved. if you have a problem with that, you're going to be mad a lot.

monty is dead, and him and his animation are not coming back. we will never get fight scenes like we did in v1-v2. v3's fight scenes are meh for the most part, v4 is bad in its own way, v5 is HELL except for one fight scene, v6 gets better (v3 quality fight scenes), v7 and v8 become good in their own way for the most part. HOWEVER; rwby has fallen into its own style of fights. i don't think they're trying to copy monty's style, so don't go in expecting it.

the fandom, hatedom, whateverdom; they all suck. since rwby is free, you will find any retard with an internet connection making their opinions with backing or not. this is prevalent EVERYWHERE, especially /rwbyg/.

4chan autists are not the audience for this show.

if you like shounen anime, you might like RWBY.

the fights are cool, music and score are excellent, characters can be very lovable, fanfiction is aplenty, and art is everywhere. note i say can be; many anons (V8 is the time of writing this) hate team RWBY.

the writing doesn't get THAT much better; instead, the show becomes much more organized. this is my personal opinion though; always form your own opinions about this show.

i'm afraid i cannot give you, objectively, a simple yes or no. this show's issues are many, and whether or not it's worth it is entirely up to the individual. but personally, i would say yes.

how can i request something to be added to the links page or website?

put it in the thread. note that i use filters to filter out shitty posts. i recommend you put your request as your own post as to try not to trigger the filter.

how do i make my own webms/gifs of RWBY?

I use mpv, a free open-source media player and a webm converter plugin for mpv to easily make webms out of downloaded RWBY episodes. If you are masochistic/love a good command line, you can use ffmpeg. You can also use WebM for Retards if you don't like command line. For gifs only, you can use GLQ's GIFmaker to pull from any episode publicly available.
If any of this is too difficult for you, just request something in the thread.

how can i help the general?

right now, pretty much all we need is the japanese dubs of v2-4, which you can buy off of buy the blurays, rip them, and upload them to mega with subtitles, and everyone will love you.

why is rwby the only general allowed on /co/?

mods said so.

why does /rwbyg/ go to /trash/ every year during hiatus?

essentially, way back during the early days, /rwbyg/ was a hotbed of OC activity with namefags galore. fanfiction was constantly being written in greentext form, and /rwbyg/ consisted of very talented individuals surrounded by plenty of retards. one day, some complete sperg got mad at this creativity and focused all of his autism to snuff it out. he reported every greentext he saw, caused shit in other threads, and was generally a nuisance to the /co/ mods. in the mods' eyes, the balance of light and dark forces were broken; /rwbyg/ as a whole had become too unhinged, even though this was the work of only a few users. to fix this, /rwbyg/ was banished from /co/ every hiatus, in order to keep the chaos to a minimum. while it did what the mods wanted, /rwbyg/ was never the same again...

why is there so much GETposting?

people don't have anything to talk about or have exhausted all talking points.

why are there so many damn namefags, tripfags, and discordfags?

for namefags/tripfags, some of them provide actual quality to the threads with custom artwork or fanfiction. others are just retarded and provide nothing of value other than ruining part of the fun of 4chan. for discordfags, there is a /rwbyg/ discord server. im not personally in it, nor do i like it, but if that's your cup of tea go nuts. spoiler alert: it's basically just /rwbyg/ except everyone's a tripfag.

why does this website exist?

the original pasteibin was lacking n newer content, and if you wanted to add anything, you had to go into the discord server and ask. the pastebin owner rarely visits the threads so any requests had to be directly to him, and iirc, he's refused to add content before. i decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own collection of links using my wildly mediocre html/css skills (and attempt to improve them along the way).

who are you?


any half-decent e-celebs?

Celtic Phoenix and his gang are probably the best. they all bring different mindsets to the table and make for some really good discussion sometimes.
Phoenix/Night is fun for theorycrafting if you're into that.
Twiins iink brings some good perspective when she talks about outfits, as she went to college for character design or something.
Fatmanfalling isn't terrible per se, but I find a lot of his quirks to be annoying to the point of "I can't watch this".

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